Should I have a Wedding Pre-Shoot session?

& 5 Tips for Posing


Romance is in the air…. And in the crazy run up to your wedding day is it any wonder that on top of everything else you may ask yourself – Should I have a wedding pre-shoot session?

Your wedding pre-shoot session is a great way for you to get to know me your photographer and practice being in front of my lens. One of the biggest concerns couples have when it comes to getting in front of the camera is how they should pose and look natural while doing so. To help you better prepare for your wedding pre-shoot session consider my Top Tips.

5 Tips for Posing at Your Pre Wedding Session


  1. Share what your self-conscience about.

Everyone has things they want to try and hide from the camera and things they just aren’t comfortable with. While you can secretly try to conceal these things yourself it is best to let me know what you may be a little self-conscience about. I will be able to better give you suggestions for poses that will help highlight the things you really like and stay relaxed.


  1. Choose the right location.

Being comfortable having your images taken isn’t just about being comfortable with how you look it’s about your environment as well. Holding your wedding pre-shoot at your wedding venue, means we get to try out all the different photography locations in advance.

Together we can do a recce of the space and plan where all the different elements of your wedding day photography is going to take place, this enables us to work very efficiently on the wedding day, with less interruption and all decisions made in advance. The more comfortable you are with your surroundings the more comfortable you will be with having your pictures taken.

Pre-Wedding Photography at Eden Broughton hall wedding, Skipton
Wedding pre-shoot photography at Chevin lodge, Otley
  1. Props and activities.

Props are a great idea to bring along to your engagement shoot because it will add a little more personality to your images while also giving your hands something to do naturally. Some props to consider can be flowers, balloons, blankets, or a chalkboard to create special signs. Activities are also something you might want to plan while you set up your shoot. Do you two enjoy bike riding or boating? Not only will you two have more fun when you plan to do something you love to do together, this fun will easily come through in your images as well.


  1. Feeling Good about yourself.

Having your hair and makeup done before the shoot can always really help boost your confidence and help you feel fabulous, so maybe it is worth investing in that too.


  1. Walk.

When in doubt about what to do, just walk and hold hands, smile and talk to one another. There are many special moments I can capture just by following you down a path or along the beach. Just act naturally and I will do the rest, I want to capture your relationship with one another, not staged posing looking at me.


Wedding Pre-shoot Photography session welcome guide

Bonus tip:


Trust your photographer!


If you are honest about what you expect from your wedding pre-shoot session and what you are comfortable with, your photographer will know exactly how to capture photos you will love. If they give you some simple direction go with it, have fun and trust that your photographer isn’t going to have you doing something that won’t look good.


The real key to a wonderful pre-wedding shoot, full of happiness, stylish and chic is to be true to who you are. Let the shoot reflect your love for one another and most importantly RELAX AND HAVE FUN..




Ps. Every couple I have photographed at a wedding pre-shoot session have agreed that having the shoot relaxed their fears about their wedding day photography and that now they felt more relaxed and comfortable about being photographed on the day.


A Pre-wedding photo session is included for FREE with every wedding booking I take regardless of package.

(includes your favourite image as a FREE 16x12in wall print)

I also complete a detailed timeline and shot list for the day at this session, this means I ensure all key elements of the day flow smoothly and keep to time, please allow 2-3 hours for this session. (Children and pets welcome,)


pre wedding & engagement photography at Bluebell woods, Ilkey