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As the season to say “I DO” is delayed this year , there’s extra time to send a few top tips to be prepared for when your special day does go ahead.
For most couples, the ceremony is such a whirlwind of emotions that couples can hardly remember the process once it’s over. For this reason the ceremony photos can be some of the most important and intimate images from your wedding day.  You’ll want to make them the best possible.

5 tips to get great ceremony photos

1. Practice
You won’t be able to watch yourself walk down the aisle but you can practice your facial expression in a mirror. Study your face and learn which angle you like best so you know how to hold your head just right for those stunning images.
2. Look Up
Nerves can get the best of any bride or groom and this often leads to looking downward at the ground. Remember to keep your head up during your ceremony as much as possible so the photographer can capture flattering images of your entire face.
3. Laugh
Or at least smile. Again, because nerves can take over many couples forget to even smile during their ceremony. Keep a funny thought or joke in your head that will remind you to laugh a little or at least smile.
4. Be Yourself
It can be hard not to be self-conscious on your wedding day because you want everything to look and run perfectly. Don’t let the worry translate through to your images. Instead just be your best self, forget about how you are supposed to act and be true to who you really are. This will lead to beautiful photos that show genuine emotions and are more reflective of who you and your significant other are.
5. Forget About the Camera
Stay in the moment and trust that your photographer is doing their job to capture all the right moments. Don’t worry about finding the camera or looking in the direction of it instead focus on the person you are about to say “I Do” to. Remember to simply savor the moment and your photographer will capture the memories.
Remember, not all ceremony venues allow for photography and some will restrict the photographer to the back of the venue. So check in advance if there will be any limitations your photographer may face and make sure they are aware so they can be prepared.

Wedding ceremony photography
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